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In the beginning:
It started at a young age, I was fascinated by automobiles. Having a push car which was a little green jeep that my grandfather bought me was my best friend. From that point on, I was hooked on the forward motion! At the age of 10, I acquired a complete inventory of mini bike parts. At that point, I had only very limited mechanical experience. I just started mating parts together as I thought they should be and the fucking thing ran but not for long. That day I learned about trial and error: the rod bolts let loose and the rod came through the cases.

Next came a Honda 70 trail bike that dad got second hand. He didn't know any better as the thing was a rat assed piece of JUNK! I had to mess with it and screwed it up a little more, till I started learning. At this point, I had all the kids in my neighborhood asking me to fix their bikes and I wound up messing up most of their bike's..... LOL and I actually did fix some stuff but remember, this was my learning curve.

What a year bicentennial was!! Dad broke down and bought a Kawasaki KE 175. Boy, was I happy. I had the biggest bike out of all the guys I rode with. Being the mechanical genius I was at the time, I MESSED that up. I was chased by the police and started my short life of crime running from the cops, as I was caught more than I got away, LOL.

That summer I got a job at my dad's friends place - a junk yard, and boy did my learning curve grow. I had to pass Fun Wheels Honda every day and drooled over the bikes in the show room. At that point, I knew I wanted to be a motorcycle mechanic!!


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Custom Motorcycle Fabrication
Custom built motorcycles in Randleman North Carolina at American Adrenaline Inc. Let Dr. Carl build your next custom motorcycle, chopper or bobber; Or if you are just looking to spice up that custom or stock Harley Davidson we could always fabricate you one of our top quality one off custom exhaust systems. It's just amazing what we can do for the look and sound of your Harley.

Customer Satisfaction is American Adrenaline Inc's number one priority. With over 35 years experience delivering quality custom fabricated motorcycles, our mission is to deliver our customers dreams.

Only the highest quality parts and materials are used to your exact standards and requirements.

The Federal Department of Transportation recognizes American Adrenaline Inc as a world manufacture.

You have my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed!
Dr. Carl

American Adrenaline Inc - 129 Labrador Drive Unit 4, Randleman N.C. 27317

Custom Motorcycle Fabrication. Custom Made Motorcycles, Choppers, Rigid and Softail Frame Styles, High Performance Exhaust Systems, Fender and Frame modifications, Custom Handlebars, Sissy Bars and Shifters

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